07 August 2006

We're here, but we're not sure how to do this . . .

ok, so we got a blog. She (the female human) hardly ever lets us use the puter, and so we're a little clumsy at it. but she's been reading us the stories of psychokitty max, his little buddy, buddah, and millie, and lots of other kitties, so we thought maybe we'd dip our paws in the blogosphere. She said it wouldn't get them all messy, like ink or paint.

since we don't ordinarily work very well together, it took us the better part of an hour to figger out how to get nels' picture up there; don't hold yer breath on seeing the rest of us. this is blogging by committee, so it may lack a few things here or there when we can't agree--like on who's going to spell, who's going to type, who's going to collect news items, and so on.

i'm nels, one of those "holstein" cats--white with a black hat and ears, tail, and just one spot on my left flank. i'm the oldest and the smartest. i've been with humans much longer than any of us, and know lotsa human talk. but i'm old, i see a little fuzzy, and am kinda gnarled up, so won't be typing much.

ok, it's my turn--i'm ed, a big, fluffy cat, greyish-brown tabby, semi-long hair. i was named for sir edmund percival hillary because i REALLY liked to climb when i was a kitten. Her haid ****dangit, that's H-E-A-D, you hillbilly cat**** ****rowrrrr**** ****fttttttt**** ****sssssssss**** *ahem* (sorry, that's publishing by committee for you) was my favorite perch.

yeah, but now he weighs 23 lbs and couldn't climb up on her h-e-a-d in the first place, and if he did, he'd smother her. and that'd be bad; She feeds us about half the time. of course he could stand to lose a few ****rowrrrr**** ****fttttttt**** ****sssssssss**** ****jeez, ed, lemme go!**** pounds. oh, yeah--i'm nitro, the little marmalade runt who's into everything and everybody's business.

and i'm xing lu, the luckiest kitty in the world--right up there with millie--since my daddy found me (they call him "He", but he's my Bestest Daddy, and She's my Champion Mommy). well, maybe millie's a little luckier--her housemates like her. not like these dirty boycats that chase me and corner me and slap me until i squeal. but when i'm on mommy's lap, then i know i'm safe 'cause i can hide in her armpit and they never see me there.

anyway, She says it's time to put the computer to bed (She talks about sleep mode, so it must be true), and we have to go rest up for the nightly catalympic trials. well, She calls them "trials". or maybe it's us that are the trials. nah; we're not trial anything--we're perfectly good cats! we'll see you another time...............

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

WELCOME! We are so glad to meet you and have you join our wonderful blogging community.


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