10 August 2006

five funny things

today scooby, shaggy, and scout said in their blog, "well this is getting around so we won't tag anycat specifically, just jump in & blog about your 5 habits and your humans 5 habits. it's fun!" so we will!

  1. is spastically fearful of thunderstorms, and can hear thunder in the next county, even when the weather radar doesn't show rain!
  2. eats special K-D food to help him pee off excess liquid, so he doesn't get congestive heart failure anymore and cough and cough and cough.
  3. will only sit with his tushie on your lap to be petted; his front paws and forearms must be gripping the chair arm. maybe he's afraid the new madrid fault will cut loose!
  4. loves tomato sauce and cheeze doodles; separately, but probably together, too.
  5. sparkles in the sunlight, like he had tiny little micro-diamonds on the ends of his furs!
  1. thinks Her chest is his personal domain, even though he can't perch up there anymore, only sit his fat butt on her lap and stretch up over Her bumps to knead Her neck and any hair that spills down over Her shoulder.
  2. loves to eat people hair.
  3. gets absolutely big-eyed ripped by anything menthol (except Vicks Vap-o-Rub), as well as 'nip.
  4. loves to have his back brushed, but bites the brush if it moves towards his belly. he gets dreadlocks in his armpits if She doesn't keep after him.
  5. is positive that She will forget to feed him while She is carrying around the plastic bucket and putting kibbles into everybody's dishes, so he dances backwards in front of Her, nipping at Her toes all the way to his dish, yipping inbetween nips. She says She's gonna punt him someday, but She's already broken a toe punting something almost as heavy as him, so he won't go very far. (written by nitro; could you tell?)
  1. is named for His orange bass boat. well, they are both orange and feisty.
  2. has a death wish (which She says may be granted more times than 9 if he persists in his behavior) because he continues to burgle food off plates that are in use by humans.
  3. will squint in the very face of the squirt bottle when threatened, but will not move until blasted right between the runnin' lights (as He puts it). stupidity, or bravery? YOU make the call . . .
  4. likes to lie on the foot of a recliner chair and play-fight with cocoa, the younger dog, until cocoa gets to pokin' him in the side with her big fat nose and his innards get all de-arranged. then he runs for cover.
  5. will let Him cuddle him like a baby, and even fall asleep while being held that way.
xing lu:
  1. has the softest angel fur of any cat She has ever known, and doesn't shed much (for which the boycats make up 10 times over).
  2. lets Her hold her very tight and never makes a sound.
  3. was obviously well-cared for, groomed, and spayed when He found her in the bag. like He says, "wtf?"
  4. sleeks up against cocoa and xena, and only gets hissy when cocoa pokes her really hard with her nose.
  5. is missing her left upper fang (all healed up when she came to our house), and has a red spot the size of an "o" in this text down on the bottom of her left iris, which makes the 2-leggers wonder just what happened in her other life. again, see Point #3.
  1. likes to eat sweet pickles (gherkins, if she can get them) with Her macaroni and cheese.
  2. eats a peanut butter sammich and drinks a cup of coffee every day for breakfast.
  3. would love to watch Young Frankenstein, The Frisco Kid, and Blazing Saddles (all uncut) each day for the rest of her life.
  4. loves to make sparkly jewelry with crystals made by some guy named sworeoffski.
  5. is allergic to cats.
  1. missed His air force uniform so much when He got out of the service, that He started a cub scout pack so he could get a new one! ;-)
  2. stays as thin as a skellington even though he eats a whole tupperware cereal bowl of ice cream every night. right after His dry-roasted peanut binge and about 11,000 m&m candies. or maybe they're w&w candies. we can't tell; it seems to be about half and half.
  3. can sometimes make Her laugh until she has to use an inhaler.
  4. has finally learned after about 13 kitties that kitties is as kitties does, and no longer loses his cool when ed poops just outside the litterbox.
  5. is the best kind of "good ol' boy"--helpful, hard-working, honest, loyal, moral, AND ethical. (ok, She helped us with this one . . .)


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

This is a wonderful list, thank you for sharing. OUr Momma is allergic to us too, and has one of those breathing tubes she sucks on. She is adding you to our blog list.

Patches Lady

The Crew said...

Hahaha! Allergic to cats! So's our Dad and he takes his asthma inhaler & Singulair pills 'cause he loves me and I'm his special boy.


Shaggy and Scout said...

Wow! It's amazing you can all inhabit the same house at the same time!!!!!
The sparkly fur sounds lovely!
The rest is hilarious! What a great list!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Pickles in Mac & Cheese??? Humans...

Carolina Cats said...

Wow, what good lists! Thanks for sharing all about you and yore beans. We think there is somefing verry speshul about beans that are allergic to cats. They love us so much that they take yucky medisins and efurrything just to be around us. Good beans!

Finny & buddy