14 August 2006

noisy neighborhood!

wow, the weather threw a very noisy party last friday night, and our neighborhood is still cleaning up from it. about three hours past treat time, They went to bed--and that's when rain started. the wind blew real hard and banged the rain into the house like cat kibble being plinked into a metal bowl--from off the roof! it was pretty intense.

nelson went and hid under the china closet. after a really big flashy-boomer, he slunk into the kitchen all low-slung like our big cousin the panther, and so fast that it looked like he had lots more legs than four! we heard a ka-thunk, and knew he'd scrambled into one of the cabinets where he could hide and not see even a teensy bit of light. maybe it's quieter in there, too.

we have no idea what xing did. she sleeps in her own rooms with the doors closed. she says it's because we gang up on her. we think she's just a stuck up little princess.

we could hear cocoa thumping around in Their bedroom, and Him finally getting out of bed to explain to her that everything was ok, she was there in Their den, and He wouldn't let anything happen to her.

mom just snored.

xena just snored; she's old and deaf. we don't know what mom's problem is. . .

ed and i are the guard cats. we just laid in our chairs, ears cocked and alert to anything that might threaten our family! although after a really loud flashy-boomer and a HUGE THUD, we hastily conferred and decided to adjourn to the underneaths of our chairs, where we could groom ourselves into some semblance of coherence a state of bliss and then consider what to do next.

well. finally the rain stopped and we all began to sleep better. but we didn't see nelson again until He got up to let the dogs out and feed us crunchies!

and later, we saw from our kitchen window perch that the big wild cherry tree where the squirrels perch and cuss at us had just twisted off! betcha it made the loud THUD that rattled our alerted us that the storm was at its peak. so He took the big noisy stinky saw out and cut all the wood into lengths that will fit in the fire box that keeps us warm in the winter. when He was done, He looked like He'd already been sitting close to the fire box. She said that He looked like He'd been dipped in sweat (we think she said "sweat") and rolled in crackers, ready for the fryer 'cause he was fulla wood chips!

even this morning, we can still see that there are still big tree arms lying on lawns all down the block. mosta the time this neighborhood is pretty quiet, but when nature throws a party, we hold on tight!!



Shaggy and Scout said...

Holy Moly what a night! You are sure a super watch cat and brave too for guarding your family and not letting the storm inside. Hmmm....deep fried Dad? Nah. Doesn't sound too tasty!

Fat Eric said...

Ohh, that sounds like a scary storm. I generally snore through bad weather, although I've been a little freaked out by the pneumatic drills of the water company for the last few days. I totally ignore the fireworks on Nov 5th!

Just Ducky said...

Hope efurry one is OK. Tree arms can be picked up and taken away.