19 August 2006

i just don't understand

xing sez:

when i sat on Mommy's lap tonight, she made the puter's face show kitty blogs, and we sat there and read them together. i like that; it's fun to be cuddled and see other kitties who don't chase me.

after a while, one of them showed a kitty who sort of looked like me. it was meowing and meowing. i stepped off Mommy's lap and over the typing thingy to see closer, and it meowed right in my face, so i stretched out my paw and patted it--and it didn't feel like another kitty at all! it didn't even smell like a kitty. i stepped around the whole puter face, looking for that kitty and never did see it. how can that be?


paw search said...

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Anonymous said...

we doesn't get it neither. an it won't come out an play wif us - what's up wif that?