17 August 2006

xing is NOT a cat . . .

nelson sez:

honest, she's not. she doesn't play with feathers, she doesn't chase paper & string butterflies. she doesn't play "get the hand under the covers", she doesn't like shiny, crinkly balls, she doesn't even like kitty treats, and very often doesn't even eat bean food like chikken--which we all LOVE. we just can't imagine a kitty growing up and not knowing how to play. not with toys, not with kitties, not with beans. what's with that????

she is almost as twitchy as our late cousin, charlie fluffytail, used to be. if She or He was sitting in Their chair when charlie walked by, they could just move their foot a little teensy bit, and he'd do a double-twisting backflip with a half-gainer and run into the kitchen. ok, They knew it wasn't nice to tease him like that, but it was funny. we used to call him charlie twitchytail behind his back. 'cause that's where his tail was, you see. *smirk*

and she hollers! oh my goodness, does she holler. just walk past her, and she hisses; look at her a little too long, and it sounds like a pig being prodded by pitchforks. chase her a little, and she just stands still and wails! of course, He or She both come running with the squirt bottle, and pick Their little precious up out of reach. then we get soaked and hear the "bad cat" routine for the jillionth time. if we're so bad, how come They loves on us so much? answer me THAT!

she doesn't even fight; i don't think she knows she's got those razor shivs on the ends of her toes. and they're much more wickeder than ours--She doesn't like to trim them, 'cause xing gets SO mad. ours get trimmed regular, and She doesn't let our vocal protestations bother her one little bit.

it's been more than a year that she's been here, and she's still afraid of every little noise and thing. you'd think she'd figger out by now that nothing was going to jump out and hurt her. oh, yeah. except us. but we don't want to damage her (well, maybe only a little, incidentally). mostly we wanna see her up close, and play like cats. and she just doesn't have a clue.

nitro, specially, would like to have another playmate, 'cause i hurt in various places all the time, and don't like to chase around. edmund will play for a while, but then gets tired and flattens him. it'd be nice to have someone his own size to wrassle with; ed and cocoa aren't really in his weight class.

one time, our She even brought home some Feliway, but it didn't do a dang thing for ms cranky's attitude. even if They get us all 'nipped up, she's a mean drunk--she gets huffy and hissy if someone happens to roll into her pile, and swats anything that moves. should we pool our allowances and get her some medication? jeesh!


Anonymous said...

whoa. we've neffur met anybuddy like that. she doesn't like FEV-VERS? what 'bout HAM? efurrybuddy likes ham!

Kismet said...

Hi Meowzers!! Thanks for emailing me and for stopping by my blog. I will definitely add your blog to my links!

Paws truly,