13 August 2006

this one's for you, fat eric!

fat eric from over the water (who is of quite catly proportions himself) asked for a tummy-up picture of me, so here is one She had on the puter. She says it makes Her queasy to look at my eyes in this photo, 'cause it looks like i have fairy lights in my eyes--or the fires of hell, maybe, The Boy says.

here is a picture of me and my brothers at the kitchen window. the part that nitro and i are sitting on is actually some cabinetwork cut short to fit under the window just so we meowers have a place to laze about and stare at the side yard! we are all full grown; you can see how runty nitro is! of course anykitty would pale comparison with my majesty. i am majestic, am i not?

She says that she will try to snag a picture of me on the living room floor next time i am "assuming the position". it remains to be seen just how co-operative i might be . . . it's been a long time since She got the 'nip jar out.


Fat Eric said...

Hi Ed, that is a furry impressive picture of you showing the floofy tum. I "borrowed" your pic for my blog entry today, I hope you don't mind. Please go and have a look and see what you think. I have added you to my blog links now.

The Meezers or Billy said...

fluffy tummes are the best! - Meezers Mom

Emma's Kat said...

Oh Edmund! You are so fluffy and handsome! Would you allow me to borrow this picture for a Flickr box I'm putting together called, Tummies Exposed??? Please, it'd be purrfect! I'm trying to get it together for the end of this week and it'll be posted in my sidebar at Kat's Cat of the Day!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Handsome belly my friend! You look quite alot like me in the picture of you all looking out of the window. -Shaggy

The Crew said...

Generously endowed is the term I apply to myself. You may use it with my permission.



Floofly tums are the bestest!

Nice to meet ya!

Drop by and visit, it's our one year annerversarry today. Yippee


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed! You ARE majestic!