26 August 2011


meYARRRRR! know ye all by these presents that Monday, 19th September 2011, be MEOW LIKE A PIRATE DAY! this sellybration come about thus: it had been a dark an' sad CB summer in 2007 (summat like these past few weeks). one day in august, our furry own shy an' retirin' Nelson John LaPurr were cruisin' the innernets, an' noticed that the hoomin beans were whoopin' an' hollerin' an' carryin' on quite some about th' 19th day. this be how it started fur the beans. he bethought him o' how a nice sea voyage would be a fine distraction fur us all an' perhaps lift some o'th' sorrow what had been anchorin' our hearts in davy jones's front garden--so he plucked up his courage an' became Cap'n Nels the Cranky an' invented MLAP!

ye kin spy our other past avventures, too: 2008 (a three-parter when the scribe just plumb run off at the jaws) here and here and here! 2009 here, an' 2010 here. aye, an' surely ye kin search ofur kitties' bloggies fur the word "pirate" an' turn up some bonnie treasures!! be ye not dismayed, howsomefurr, if yer abilities run not to the smithin' o' words--ye can sellybrate wif us an' a goodly chunk o'th' CB by doin' enny or all o' these below--or share somethin' wunnerful o' yer OWN invention!
  • postin' yer pictures in yer pirate costumes (photoshopped or real) on yer bloggies!
  • meowin' yer bloggifyin' (whate'er the subject matter) that day in pirate meows!! lern yer lingo here.
  • postin' interestin' information 'bout deeds piratical, real er not-so, present er past!
  • goin' here er here an' be dubbed wif yer pirate name! ye'll feel yer feral genes astirrrrrrin'!
  • puttin' together a temptation-raidin' parrrrrty. Don't fergit to have a lookout, lest ye be caught an' keelhauled!! an' remember, ye've a right to parrrrrlay if yer caught--an' don't let yer ma say that only works if she's a pirate!!! show her yer hooks an' tell her ye ain't no sea-lawyer, but a true-born brofur o'th' coast!
  • showin' us yer booty!! (from the raid, ye swab!)
we hopes to see ye an' yer bloggies ship-shape an' bristol fashion on the 19th, so look to sharpenin' yer weapons an' plannin' yer brave deeds! there's tuna-juice aplenty fer them what sails wif us that day!

(we be truly indebted to the good mistress ann o' zoolatry fur the fine graphic above!! mistress ann haf emailed out various sizes o' it, so post it in yer sidebar. if ye havena got it, email us an' we'll send it along.)


A few Good Cats said...

Excellent! It's almost that time again, and thanks for the reminder.

The Florida Furkids said...

Ahoy, we'll be meowin' like pirates on the 19th!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I shall have to find my ship and get merrowing!

The Island Cats said...

Arrrr! We love that day!!

Kwee Cats said...

We be getting ready, arrrrr. Thank you for the links! Our Mumsy has saved them out!

Ellen Whyte said...

We're looking forward to playing our part this year MOL!

meowmeowmans said...

Arrrh! That sure sounds like fun!