02 September 2006

plastic-head ed

nitro sez:

honestly, ed's a helpless, hopeless addict. does you wants the bitey put on anything plastic, anything crinkly, anything crunchy? he's yer man, er, cat. munchmunchmunchmunchmunch.he'll chew until his jaws get tired or until you take it away from him. if there were cellophane gum, he'd be savin' his allowance to buy it. newspapers are great, too. he sits next to the chest in the picture for minutes at a time, just chompin' on that paper with his eyes closed. She says he musta been a train conductor in another life.

and here's the absolute proof of the puddin' (*hah* i'm witty today! i'm so witty, i'm so witty, i feel pretty, and witty, and bright . . .)*ow! Mom!! criminy! ok, ok, i'll get back on track right now!* . notice the totally absorbed, blissed-out look on his face:

are any of the rest of you afflicted with this odd compulsion? is it vile and to be shunned, or a legitimate hobby to be embraced (as long as you don't swallow any of the chewee)? any insights into the behavior? our cousin charlie fluffytail was a wool sucker, but then again, he was a balinese, an' he pretty much couldn't help it. (we don't mean anything detrimental against balineezers--She told us that a breeder told her lotsa meezers is furry fond of lanolin, and that's what's in wool.)

01 September 2006

okay, you asked for pictures.

here's tiny baby ed, 9 weeks old, the first week he was in our house.

and here he is a year later.

you know, She sez there's a song that goes, "what a difference a day makes". well, here's 365 of 'em for ya.

by the way, here are ed's latest stats in kittenwars:
  • Won: 4158 (58%)
  • Lost: 2241 (31%)
  • Drawn: 795 (11%)
and darned if there isn't another Sir Edmund there! who knew?

holey socks! we've been slackers!

we realizes we hasn't been blogging the last two days--our She has been getting us set up on catster and on the pet blog network, and doing some whatchacallit--bean business--so the puter has been overworked. She told us to leave it alone for a while so it wouldn't have a nervous break down, so we did. we don't know how much time we will have available to spend on catster, but we've already made lotsa furrends there. our paws get pretty tired sometimes, and it's hard to fit in lotsa typing amongst the mandatory (and optional) naps! none of us ever met a nap we didn't like!! an' our He has been home this week, too, so we've been bugging paying Him lotsa attention.

but now She's done, and we can get back to business. we wants to ask if there's anything that we could do better for you, our bloggie furrends. would we be more readable if we change fonts? colors? post more pictures? fewer? (we promise there won't be too many more scholarly posts to snore through.) any other hints, tips, or ideas from you 'sperienced blogcats? please tell us in a comment or a e-mail, and we will sure try hard to improve!

thanks, furrends!


30 August 2006

we don't have vishus deer here, but

we're all scared just the same! usually on caturdays, He rides around and around and around outside the house, and up and down the big grassy place next to the house on a small, stinky, noisy orange moving box with no top. He calls it "puttin' up hay" but it looks like grass to us. and we've seen the noisy red box He gets in, and the green one that She uses, so it's not like we've never seen that kind of critter before.

purrsonally, I think those moving boxes are animals they don't let come in the house. i always hear Him and Her complaining about how much it costs to feed them, so they must be alive, right?

today, a VERY VERY noisy REALLY BIG yellow moving box came to our house. well, next door to our house in the big grassy place. it was carrying a big round whirling tube on its back. it went backwards over the grass towards the tall, windowless tin house where the fishing boat lives, and He and grandad opened the big sliding door. it drove in backwards and started to make even MORE noise!

then it moved forwards a little bit, and we could see from xing's window what it was doin' in there. you won't believe it: it was poopin'! and it musta ate somethin' that wasn't good for it, 'cause when we do that, we poop about that color, and get our bottoms washed! i don't know why He would let it do that--maybe 'cause it was so big, He figured it'd poop on Him if he didn't let it go on the gravels in the tin house.

anyway, after a while it was all through, and rolled back to the street and away from us. an' for hours afterwards, we saw Him out there trying to bury that stuff, but the most He could do was smooth it out.

tonight He told Her that He was glad it was done, 'cause now the outside kitties from next door couldn't get in there under the door anymore and pee in his boat. well, duh! no kitty would be crazy enough to go where something had left such a huge scent mark!!

so now we're scared that the big yellow box will come back and start poopin' all over the neighborhood, and squoosh all the outdoor kitties (even the ones that pee in His boat don't deserve that)! what if it came an' pooped in our living room?????

purray with us that it won't come back!! we are too scared to purr, even!!


29 August 2006

about mealtime . . .

He and She are constantly on our furry butts about waking them up for breakfast before they are ready (like they have something to complain about after that l-o-n-g night-time nap!), so we decided to poll you, the kitties of the blogosphere, and see just how much company their misery has! maybe it'll make them feel better. *smirk* we'll post the final tally next week.
At what time do you require your mom/dad/human minion/bean/etc to prepare and serve your breakfast?
4:00 AM
4:30 AM
5:00 AM
5:30 AM
6:00 AM
6:30 AM
7:00 AM
7:30 AM
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28 August 2006

uncle eeker

Nelson sez:
this is the family patriarch. he was the brother of The First Cat, Mouse McNasty. mouse went to the bridge after only one year. since She is lergic to kitties, she had never had one before and didn't know the warning signs of FUS, and he got really sick and couldn't be helped. She still grieves about that, and really misses him. eeker was always the "second cat" while mouse was alive; lotsa beans didn't realize there were two cats in the house. he slunk and hid while mouse always did the meet and greet.

however, he rose to the occasion when mouse left us, and became the king of all the cats that followed. he ruled with an iron paw in a velvet glove. even when he got frail, old and full of years (20), any other kitty could have knocked him aside, but they didn't. he could walk past them, notice he didn't like the cut of their jib, give 'em a whack with his paw, and stroll on unmolested. they respected him.

spotty was his special buddy, and came from nebraska to missouri with him. she was several years younger than him, and also lived to be 20. they make 'em sturdy in nebraska!

he accepted me from the start, even though i was at first only a weekend resident (the rest of the time, i lived in dad's warehouse and kept the mice on the run). i remember him "in the fur", so to speak, but none of the other kitties here now ever met him. over the years, though, every once in a while one or another of us sees him poke his cosmic nose into the kitchen, walk around, and check on the family he ruled. kitties have a duty to their furever homes, and eekie certainly does it.

Her name for this photo is "Uncle Surly", but that was just in fun; he was a Good Kitty.

(by the by: She said to tell you this picture was uploaded directly from google's free picasa photo management software. if you want to learn how, clicky on the little rainbow square.) Posted by Picasa