28 July 2011

flat dbd

this is our dbd; she made her OWN "flat" self inna 100-degree heats. mommer can't figger out why us dark-colored furries like to lie inna hot sun even on HOT days. we know, but we ain't tellin'--it does her good to exercise her brain;-)

27 July 2011

strange bedfellows

we haff nefur seen ed an' iggy cuddle up fur a nap; an' judgin' by this picture, we nefur will--this is as close as we'll come to it. mommer puts ol' sheets on alla the liffin' room furnichure so's we don't hair it up, but igmu is prolly part mole since he burrows unner alla them. she says bad werds when she finds him bundled up, although then she laffs. we finks ed is prolly glad there's a filter there--it keeps iggy frum buggin' him!

26 July 2011


we got nuthin'. it's too hot.

25 July 2011

easy like sunday evening

dad looked sooooo cold sittin' there wif his (blinding white) legs hangin' out, so we decided we'd try to keep him warm. he's silly; he had the cold air blowing thingy right above his head an' the ceilin' fan zoomin' away--no WONDER he was cold! even though he's pretty furry (don't biggify, it'll only scare you), he's still not furry like us; you'd think he'd haff enuf sense to put on some clo'es!!