02 January 2015

Holy Bast!

santa paws stopped by this afternoon--he musta furgotted this last week. mommer an' dad founded this inna back of their truck after they came home frum grocery shopping. it ain't zackly Max's Commander Kitty Tower, but it's more beautyful than ennythin' we've efur had!!!

gosh, thanks, santa paws! we din't mind waitin'!!

01 January 2015

the mornin' after the night befur

the dbd partied hearty last night. that toy is her faverite from catsmas--an' she hasn't managed to kill the squeeker in it YET! we wishes she would.

akshully, alla us furkids partied hearty--mommer broke out the silvervine/nip blend, an' we rolled ourselfs all ofur the liffin' room an' down the hall!! 

we wishes you all a furry deliteful, nap-filled, peaceful, healthy New Year, wif fun an' treats fur all!

30 December 2014

tasty toasty breffus

That toast looks mighty tasty, mommer!  (This was sposd to be our Mancat Monday post but we couldn't get mommer off her butt to do it.  So here we are on Tuesday. ) I'm Jim onna left an ' Iggy's onna right. Anna toast was delishus--lotsa butters! We dunno where Nitro was; prolly snoozin' in mommer's chair.