18 September 2010

ye be put on notice . . .


the good ship cat o'nine tails weighs anchor t'morrer at three bells o'the mornin' watch. an' fer those of ye what be bellyachin' about the ghastliness o'th'hour, come aboard this very night an' bunk wif us. we'll be tellin' ghostcat tales, chasin' ratties, an' snackin' on kippers!

14 September 2010

toezie tuesday wif igmu

iggy's dainty toezies. we knows it's iggy acause ain't none of the rest of us haf black toezies. he seems to haf a thing fur high places--the kitchen crow's nest an' mom's linen closet inna baffroom are his favorite hangouts. we dunno where his aminal parents came frum, but there really are an awful lotta crows around that area!

13 September 2010

guardian mancat!!

iggy has taken up the watch in the kitchen crow's nest! frum here, he can see the front door real good, an' he is furst to sound the alarm (the sound of his feet hittin' the counter as he flees an' high-tails it for parts unknown) when trooders come!