25 May 2011

move back ofur here!

i wasn't done wif yer ear yet, dang it! d'ya wanna go around wif potatoes growin' in 'em? 

24 May 2011

practice, practice!

i is practicin' my "sincere" look; d'you think mom will fall fur it the next time she hears a crash?

23 May 2011


you knows that song frum the beetles that mom plays when she's feelin' old? "Wif a little help frum my furriends"? well, imagine us singin' it to miss ml!! (believe us when we say you don't wanna hear us singin'.) she has helped so furry many of us "get by" - and MORE than just "get by" - so often, we fink it's her theme song. splendid, splendid ladybean, we wishes you a
(an' many, many more!)