14 April 2007

sleepy, snowy saturday

remember, folks--it's the middle of april in southern missouri

ed catches a cuddly nap on mom's lap by the woodstove, while . . .snow whirls down around our barn . . .
the irises and surprise lilies look furry disappointed (mom even heard the robins saying bad words), an'
the poor trees that suffered so in the ice storm have snowy insults piled upon injuries, as they struggle to put out some greenery despite their losses.
sadly, there are lotsa trees in a 50 mile swath all along from oklahoma/kansas right through missouri that look like these because of the january 15th ice storm. *sigh* mom says her druid is hurtin'. we din't know she had one, but we feel sorry for him. lotsa fev-vers won't haf places to live this summer.

13 April 2007

friday feast

garfield may have his lasagna, but WE has our RAVIOLI!!!
ahhhhhhhhh, what luscious lickin's to be had when mom finishes--an' there's allus extra cheese (which she hadn't melted on yet in this photo) stuck to the plate!

12 April 2007

wacky wednesday

honest, mom! we was just taste-testin' 'em.