22 January 2010

catsmas prezzint revealed!

miss ginger got this fur mom at catsmas, but mom sed there was already so much sweet stuff around that she would wait to eat this. so she putted it inna fridjamerator to keep it safe. an' it was safe, all right. until dad cleaned the fridge yesterday an' it fell out from behint some take away boxes. (he throwed away alla them purrfeckly good noms! outrageous, how these beans waste foods!!) so ennyway, she opened the box under our close snoopervision an' OMB! they looked like little woofie-treats--how furry odd! but she taste-tested 'em an' said they was truely yummy. we snifft 'em but even if they are "milk" chocolate, they sure wasn't milk. we din't like 'em, but mom sure does!!

21 January 2010

thankful thursday

ed is furry thankful for comfy comforters!
(an' moms who buy them, one apiece, for her kitties.)

20 January 2010

weird wednesday

(you notice that the mere gaze of the minion of basement cat has already frizzled nitro's eyebrow!)

19 January 2010

toezie tuesday

an' a manly mancat, photo, too!!

18 January 2010

we's sorry . . .

but we's gotta block nonnymouse comments from here on out. we's gotten too many bizzaro invitations an' jus' plain crapola to let it go on!

17 January 2010

if we had a doghouse . . .

igmu would be in it!! fur supper last night, mom made her first batch of linguini wif chicken livers in AGES, an' ate a big plateful. but she din't share wif us. she furgot to put the leftofurs (about anofur cereal-bowlful) away, an' ofurnight, iggy (an' nitro) pillaged. she was lookin' forward to that fur breakfust, an' she is good an' mad! bofe ig an' nitro are amazinly sleepy this mornin', an' we figger they're sleepin' off bellies-ful of carbs!! mom sez they are li'l barsteds. whut's that mean? there ain't no bar here!