31 January 2008

mystery solved . . .

yup, you kitties who said it would be warm an' sunny where the canned coons are got it right!! it is the place called cancun; we were sure they were sayin' somethin' else. dad's day-hunting place is sending him there for a big meeting, an' mom gets to go along. this is nice, acause they hafen't efur been somewhere on vacation that they weren't visiting relatives in all the 31 years they haf been married!! we will miss them drefful, though. not to mention that we won't be able to blog or visit youse guys until the end of next week. *sigh* don't go anywhere wifout us!! we doesn't allus leave comments, but we cruise lotsa bloggies during the week, an' we will miss you.

we guesses we feels better about their trip now that we know nobean is stuffin' aminals in cans, but we has made mom & dad swear a BIG swear that if they find any goodies there that we would like, they hafta bring some back! we oughta get SOMETHIN' besides a dopey T-shirt outta the deal. we're gonna be furry lonesome, so anykitty who feels like it can teleport ofur. we got LOTSA nip, an' since the dawgs will be gone, all our toys will be out to play wif!!

the worstest thing about this is that no one will be here to make the wood stove warm, an' it's gonna be furry cold, wif snow starting later tonight, an' maybe as much as 10" (that's taller than nitro, who is tallest of us) will fall. we has what is called a "fur-niss", but it sure doesn't keep us as warm as if it were real FUR. so maybe even nels an' miss prissy princess xing will hafta cuddle!

the snows will only last through tomorrow, an' they don't get onna airplane until early saturday, so we're pretty sure they will get to leave. we sure hope they do; mom's head is gonna asplode if they don't get to go!! if you see a new post on our bloggie on saturday, you prolly shouldn't read it--it's bound to be her bein' all whiny an' stuff, an' you might learn some new words your fambly won't let you say. . . .

30 January 2008

wondering on wednesday . . .

we are cornfused. mom an' dad are rushin' around makin' lists, pullin' stuff outta closets, an' talkin' to aunt debbie who lives two houses away. she's the one who comes to visit us an' feed us an' scoop our potties when mom an' dad go on a trip, so obviously, they're leavin'. they've even made hotel reservations for the damndog, but not xena, who will go to gramma pierce's house. we fink that's 'cause all she does is eat, sleep, an' go out to potty, an' gramma can handle that but not cocoa's liveliness. we're not all that worried, acause they allus come back.

but why would beans wanna go somewhere that they put raccoons in cans? that doesn't sound nice at all. does anycat have a clue??

29 January 2008

tabbie toezies two-fer!

i loves my massive, marvelous toezies an' couldn't decide which picture to post--so here they are, all both of 'em!! i finks of the one above as "topsy-turvey toezies", 'cause i was layin' downhill on mom when she took this picture, an' the one below is the "magic toezie touch" that she loves SO much (especially when i let her clip my claws first)!!

28 January 2008

a mancat's gotta protect what's HIS!

as you can see, i am pretty fond of my nip. sometimes, like last night, mom lets me have my favorite bag of "kitty can't cope catnip" all to myself an' stands guard to make sure the ofurs don't rob me of it.i've enjoyed this bag so long, i've managed to tear open the stitching at the top so that little sprinkles of the delicious herb decorate the nearby landscape! i enjoy them after she's put the bag away for another day. we can't leave them around, because damndog chews on them. this one has been slobbered by her plenty, but somehow, it doesn't seem to have an effect on the quality of nip, which i must say is PRIMO!!
edmund eyeballs the scene covetously, but i can hear him looking! he's NOT getting any of my nip!now nitro gets into the act, making the mistake of starting to reach ofur me. what happened next was not pretty, and i will dispense with photo documentation out of respect for the gentlelady cats & kittens.

suffice it to say, this nip is mine an' it's stayin' that way!!!
i may be a geezer, but i'm a MANCAT geezer!