31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

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We hopes each an' all of you--4-legger, 2-legger, winged, an' finned--are blessed wif health, strength, abundance an' joy this year, an' may you haf plenty of time to enjoy them wif those you love!

30 December 2010

i'll take the high road!

 now, where can i go from here?
the road lies open before me--northward, ho!!!!
wow! i've discovered the road to new snooping territory!!

27 December 2010

two santas, one house!

 our uncle gary, miss ginger's husband

our furriend, getzger, who does NOT haf 
a belly like a bowl fulla jelly. 
his beansister, lanie, insists that it's a bowl fulla flounder!