28 May 2008

weird wednesday

there is something SERIOUSLY wrong wif this kitty. let's all purr that she recovers her sanity!! (it looks like she's a black kitty and her right front paw has something orange-y stuck on it, but we saw her in anofur video, an' she's a T.A.T wif a golden paw!)

27 May 2008

oh, look!!!

miss daisy's been moonlightin' as a calendar model, just like ed!!

26 May 2008

memorial day wif mom

we wants efurryone to remember that this is the "thanksgiving day" that comes inna springtime--we gifs thanks for alla beans who have kept us safe an' for alla beans who are still doin' it. they are all PAWESOME!!!mom an' dad was gonna take cocoa inna boat out inna lake to catch fishes early this morning, but the trip got rained out, an' there's more boom-and-flash coming, so they wented back to bed. soon as mom got up (see her nightgown an' unbrushed hairs?), we told her how glad we were that she was gonna be home. mom doesn't skritch xing when xing lays on her acause she drools! (xingy, we mean; mom only drools when she sleeps.) an' right after dad took this picture, nitro fell ofur backwards onto the floor while trying to reach a difficult spot to clean. *hahahaha*

(Meower Mom here: You can tell that i would do anything for my kitties by the mere fact that I let them publish this picture. Happy Memorial Day--Never Forget!)