25 May 2012


mommer chosed this picture of nitro lazer-eyein' her to post today because it reminds her of a story about her nieces when they was young beans. they had a dawg named frou-frou who liked to dig tunnels in the soft sandy soil where they lived. one mornin' one (or a couple) of the girls (mommer can't remember acause it was about a billion sleeps ago) went lookin' fur f.f. an' came runnin' into the house all scared an' hollerin' "mama, mama! there's a monster in frou-frou's cave!!!!!" yup; lazer-eye strucked terror inta their li'l girlie hearts!

24 May 2012

justice is served?

 this looks suspicious, in light of the recent violence upon cheezits at chez pierce. two of the suspects in that crime are acting mighty bold as a new cheezit box moves in near the site of the previous crime.
they look mighty snug as they get acquainted with their roomies. hope they will be safer than the last bunch, but -- the new digs are at ground level, where danger lurks!!!!
 well; isn't THAT clever. it seems they've locked up the victims, NOT the perps. hmmmmm. at least the cheezits are safe. 

23 May 2012

something met a toothy death

well, a wounding, at any rate. usually when mommer gets up, iggy is layin' onna noospaper to keep it "hot off the presses" fur her. he wasn't there this morning. we ain't sayin' why.

this reminds mommer of a pome she writ a long time ago fur a kitty-who-came-befur, prrrrow. that was his name--he told her so.

21 May 2012

cat crime whodunnit

at some time between bedtime last night and o-dark:thirty this morning, a crime was committed. the horrifying scene was discovered by an off-duty, barely awake crime-scene photographer on the early feeding shift. (o-dark:thirty, remember--hence the non-quality of some of the pictures.)
the scene: cabinet high atop pantry cabinet adjacent to cold-box storage. note the two bottles injured in the fray. fortunately, no leakage occurred.

victim 1:  found lying at the base of the pantry cabinet, 5' below the door of his home.
victim 2: found halfway across the kitchen; shared address with windex.
victim 3: another roommate of the two other vics. dragged bodily to the computer room, viciously ripped open, bitten severely, and completely eviscerated!! every scrap of his innards was gone!

suspects one and two: the bash brothers, aka ed and nitro. ed has a prior conviction for picking open a cabinet door, which crime was documented on film. nitro is known to be ruthless when lusting for cheese--even cheese-dust or crumbs.
suspect 3: igmu sapa, layin' low, up high. known to have an affinity for high places.
 a vigorous inspection of whiskers and paws followed immediately upon discovery of the crime, but results were inconclusive.

a known associate of the three, the dbd (aka cocoa), was positively excluded from suspicion, having been locked in the bedroom with the photographer and the photographer's husband during the period in which the crime occurred.

local law enforcement is stumped, so we put it to you, cat bloggers--