05 December 2014

recidivists liff here!

acause we hadded guests bisitin' for thanksgiffin', mommer putted out a extra paper roll inna human litterbox room. when they left, we hadn't attackted it at all so she thought it was safe to leave out.

boy, was she wrong! *snicker* who dunnit? we ain't rattin' each ofur out!

04 December 2014

it's catsmas time outside!

okay, mommer usually makes a big fuss about not decoratin' for catsmas until december 6 (st nicholas's day), but last weekend it was 72 degrees on saturday an' 68 on sunday, wif sleet/ice and 30 for a high on monday, wif a krappy week thereafter. considerin' it's december an' it ain't likely there will be two such nice days onna weekend again between now an' catsmas, she let her inhibitions crumble an' went to work on the outside.

our sisfur-in-law, leslie, made us the pretty wreath several years ago. it even jingles a little when you open the door!

you kin see the lantern wif the santa bow flickerin' at the right of the moovey at the bottom of our post. an' you kin see it peekin' out frum behint the japanese maple inna picture onna right, below.

even the crabapple trees got some bling:

 an' fank bast, the porch pets Xena an' Leo got the costumes again!


she persuaded (!) daddy to help out on sunday, an' he putted up the lights:

we are furry proud of how our house looks all catsmassy! now, if she'd just get started onna tree inside ... but she sez that will not be until sunday, maybe. an' it's gonna haf a room all to itself, so we kin only bisit it unner her snoopervision acause she hasn't found a way to anchor it to the ceiling. we are furry insulted to find out she finks we would climb it an' cause mass destruction!! *hmpf*

03 December 2014


dammit is makin' sure that daddy gets efurry last speck of shpritz offa that window. he is sittin' onna freezer out on the catio so he can get a good view.

02 December 2014

i explore!

so, here i am again!! i haf more to say!

you prolly know that my oldest brofur, edmund, went to the bridge a little while ago, an' he din't like me. at all. so while i am sad that he died, acause it's sad when ennycat isn't alive ennymore, i'm also glad, acause he don't hafta die no more! mommer sez he's all healthy an' furry an' well again, so that's a good thing.

an' it's anofur good thing that he ain't here to torment me an' scare me an' bite me. i haf been afurraid efurry day of my life while he was around. but now i ain't so scairty, an' mommer has been lettin' me come out inna hallway outside my princess room, an' into her bedroom to follow her around a little, but i am good an' come back out when she calls. she has a lergy to me an' alla my brofurs, so it don't do to leaf a lotta our hairs in there.

i got extra brave one day an' came alla way down the hall to the liffin' room, where i sniffed furry cautious around the chairs an' sofas, an' all around the front hall (which My Mama calls "the foy-yay"). my youngest brofur, dammitjim, has been sniffin' at me unner my door for a lonnnnnnng time, so he's not so strange to me. sometimes we see each ofur pretty close, an' i am proud to say i hafn't hissed at him yet! i haf let him come in my princess room an' 'vestigate, too, an' kept a close eye on him so he din't sneak my chows or water, but he din't. he sniffed my litterbockus, too, an' made a funny face!

even nitro came in to 'vestigate this morning when My Mama left the door open for me, an' he sniffed alla same things dammitjim did, an' then walked around the chair i was peekin' from, an' akshully brushed against my long, luxurious tail. i hissed then, but only a little bit, an' he din't try to bite or swat or chase me! maybe these boycats ain't as stinky as i allus thought they were. i will hafta reflect on that.

i know there's anofur brofur, igmu, around somewhere, but i haffn't seen him yet. he an' edmund were furry like-minded about how to treat girl-cats, but maybe if they ain't together, he'll change his mind. My Mama and i BOTH hope so. maybe i won't allus hafta be a princess in one room--but i'll allus be a princess wherefur i am!!

here we are, enjoyin' a nap togefur. that's a "skeezy is my homeboy" shirt she hafs on. i hadded an awful crush on skeezix back inna day, an' if he an' miss daisy hadn't been speshul furriends, i think i would haf thrown my princess-self at him furry shamelessly. 

01 December 2014

thanksgiffin' was wunnerful!

hello, efurrycat an' bean! it's me, xing lu. My Mama sed i could sit on her lap an' watch bird mooveys, but i ast instead if we could put me inna bloggie, an' she sed yes. so here i am.

thanksgiffin' was a wunnerful time for me, xing lu--i LOVE my auntie sue an' uncle steve! they gotted to sleep in my princess room, an' let me sleep wif 'em! uncle steve brought me out inna liffin' room several times, an' sat wif me on his lap to watch the talkin' box. in this picture, we're watchin' auntie sue play games onna tablet.

an' cousins kayla an' mike loved on me, too, although cousin mike is kinda strange; i heard him say he din't see any use for cats or "pets", that animals should all be useful for something. how silly he is; we is useful--we keeps My Mama sane, an' that is a furry, furry good thing! i fink he was just teasin', acause he was nice to me.

i was sorry gramma pierce wasn't here, acause she was inna hopsital recoverin' from somethin' called a stroke, but it was a little one, an' she's gettin' better efurry day! an' i missed my bean brofur dash an' his wifey, leslie, but they went to eat turkey in anofur city wif her fambly. we will see them at catsmas!

thanksgiffin' was wunnerful, too, acause alla the boycats hid the whole time our fambly was here, so i had free run of the house when i wanted to, wifout worry. i will tell you more about that tomorrow!

cousin kayla brought this bottle of drinkin' stuff for the turkey dinner. i thought it must surely be for the boycats, who are all as chickenhearted as can be when strangerbeans come, but no! the beans drank it all gone!!

well, that was our thanksgiffin', an' i hopes yours was as good or better!!

--love an' bonks from me, xing lu