21 July 2011

a drop of the hard stuff ...

... that's the name of the book mommer's readin', an' it looks like edmund has already sampled it!!

19 July 2011

snoopervisin' styles

STYLE ONE:  the dbd follows dad as he cuts the grass, to make sure that he mows straight an' don't leaf no straggledy tall tufts of weeds lurkin' at the edges of the yard. if he does miss some, sometimes she nips 'em off herself.
STYLE TWO:  we, onna ofur paw, snoopervise from the window. we bets on wevver she'll upchuck the trimmin's or not, an' on how high dad'll jump an' which examples frum the bad werd list he'll pick when he runs ofur a doggie land-mine;-)

18 July 2011

easy like sunday

i likes it when my mom clines in her cliner!! i kin snuggle efurr-so-close!