04 September 2009

formerly feral igmu

igmu sapa @ 9 weeks, originally uploaded by olrebbie.

feral frum berth, but feral no more! i'se a happy li'l kitty at my mama an' daddy's house--an' onna hams ov the werld tour! my big brofurs are takin' good care ov me an' i has lerned a new word: "OINK"!

31 August 2009

big mencats

i found out that this orange kitty is my big brofur, nitro!
i nefur had nuffin' like him befur. he's pretty fun!

he is teachin' me stuff so i can learn to be a big mancat like him! he teaches me THoE, an' "bite the kittie's bippy until he squeaks", an' snorin', an' "pootin' makes mom's eyes water", an' wrasslin', an' how to chase through the crackly tunnel, an' how to hide inna nylon box an' dart out an' gif xing heart failure. mama whaps us bofe for that, but it's fun ennyhow! i likes my brofur!!

30 August 2009