16 June 2011

i am in trubble

last night, dad was giffin' the dbd a good ear-cleanin' an' puttin' some drops in 'em acause she flaps 'em a lot an' wiggles on her back onna carpet. he finks she hafs a lergy to somethin', maybe the flee-away stuff he putted on her last week. an' he got a pill fur her to take so she don't itch so much. to convince her it was good to eat, he rapped it inna piece of brown bread. she likes brown bread. so do i. guess what happent when he was busy puttin' the drops in. yup. i din't know the ol' man could move that fast! i got the bread, but he got the pill. then the dbd got it; wifout bread. *smirk*