03 July 2012


mommer sez we're "vulturing" at her. we lookt it up, an' there ain't no verb like "to vulture", but apparently mommer likes to play fast an' loose wif the english langwige. unline SOME cats we know. (she sez she went to school, but we learnt all we know from skeezy an' his spellin' coach, jeet!) besides, all we're doin' is waitin' fer her to hand out the haff-n-haff treats at breffust; it's not like she hasta DIE to do it, although to hear her go on, you'd think it was killin' her!

02 July 2012

mancat sunday ... errrrr,

mancat MONDAY, i mean. guess i slep' right through sunday. not too hard to do when you're a manly mancat like nitro;-) (does this picture make my butt look big?)