26 January 2012

been fightin' with ed, eh?

ed? nah.
nitro, maybe, but not ed.
not this time.

25 January 2012

rub-a-dub-dub 3 mencats inna tub ...

3 in chair
er ... chair--an' it looks like ed's abandoning ship!!

peeyes: mommer managed to keep her coffee inner cup this mornin'. too bad fur us!

24 January 2012

i am a happy boy!

nitro sez:  not only did i get to clean the skillet, but i got ALL the coffee i wanted this morning. mommer spilled her whole cup, so me an' iggy an' ed went CRAZY all ofur the table while the dbd cleaned the floor. by the time we quit hearin' werds frum the bad werd list an' she got back wif an ol' towel, we had most of it cleaned up. can't say we're not helpers!!

also, we haf a new woofie furriend named mr chewy. he is sendin' us a buncha treats an' foods, an' we'll let you know how we likes 'em in the comin' weeks!!


23 January 2012

thank you, miss jan!!

one of our goodest, most long-time furriend here onna CB (*ta-da*), the talented miss jan of jan's funny farm is our hero of the year! she made us this nice new format fur our bloggie an' we likes it furry much!!

three meows an' a woof (meow, meow, meow, WOOF!) fur her!

igmu: HEY!! howcome I din't get to meow???
ed: well, what's stoppin' ya?
igmu: well, you said "three".
ed: an' that stopped you why?
igmu: you holler at me when i don't pay attention, so i attentioned, an' now yer giffin' me a hard time about it. wassamattayu?
ed: so meow already!!
igmu:  MEOW, miss jan!!!

ed: thank you, foghorn leghorn.
igmu: what?? no, "thank you, miss jan!"
ed: i give up. thanks, miss jan.