23 August 2008

purrs & purrrayers, please!!

mom works wif a furry nice man whose first granbaby came early a few weeks ago. the new li'l feller's name is flynn roberts. he stopped breathin' a few times inna hospital, so he hadda stay extra-long, an' when he finally went home, he hadda wear a monitor. a few days ago, he an' momma an' daddy (who both just got jobbies) has moved about 45 minutes away from our town. today the hospital called them to say that the person who had read the results of a spinal tap done while he was still inna hospital had "missed" a few things in it, and they needed to bring him back--right away! the hospital said it would pay for their gas, lodging, an' any hospital expenses. we finks it sounds furry serious; could efurrycat an' bean please purr an' purrray for li'l flynn roberts an' his fambly? we fanks you frum the bottom of our hearts!

20 August 2008

get yer sunglasses!!

mom & dad & boy & his girl went onna float trip last weekend. they took the dambrowndog wif 'em, an' we'll show you pictures of that later inna week. but now, we introduce miss leslie: the only human inna world wif whiter legs than mr tasty face!

18 August 2008

mancat monday - edmund

ed plays a game of kitty-pelmanism:
he was especially entranced by card wif the swimming fishy on it, but he nefur caught him;-)