24 October 2012

new service provider

you all know how our 'rents an' beans once in a while tells us to go git a job an' earn our keep insted of just layin' around the house? (well, ours do, at enny rate.) so i, igmu sapa, haf decided to provide a service that many, many of you can do, too. i am the offishul package opener for chez pierce! not only do you help yer beans, but you get the furst peek at whatefur's inna package--an' if it's toys or nip or crackly paper or sumthin' equally fun, you can get yer paws onnit befur yer brofurs or sisfurs do!

23 October 2012

ahhhhh, warms!

good ol' mommer! she left the laptop on ofurnight, an' this was the warmest spot inna house! i din't even move when she took out the flashy-box. now she's werried i'm sick;-) hah; i'll just let her wunder.

oh, btw:  I was the lump in yestiddy's picture, an' the song was Who Wrote the Book of Love? miss ginger was the only one who knew bofe ansers, so she hafs the biggest braggin' rights. but youse who got haff of the ansers get modest braggin' rights--any baseball player would be PROUD to bat .500!!!!

22 October 2012

tiny little contest

oh, i wonder, wonder WHO! (ba-du-du-DU!) who is the cat in the lump?

braggin' rights to the first one to post the correct answer AND the name of the song referred to (which, if you get it right, means yer older than dirt, like mommer)!