22 April 2010

our gramma came through her sergery just fine! Alla you bloggin’ kittehs, woofies, an' beans now know that your purrs an’ purrayers an’ good thoughts helped her efursomuch! our mom is stayin’ wif her this week in tucson an’ will return to chez pierce late next monday night, so we prolly won’t be bloggin’ a whole lot for a while.

Thank you all, dear furriends– our sweetiepie gramma is doin’ well!! purrs & headbonks.

~ed, nitro, xing, an’ iggy

19 April 2010

mom insisted i get a job!

well, ok, so i did!!!
i heard onna talking box that 'portant papers can be stole
an' used by bad beans, an' that it's 'portant to shred those papers!
so there: i'm a natural!!
whadduhya mean, "dammit, not THOSE papers"????
jeez; there's just no pleasin' some humans.
here's ed an' nitro, at their jobs. she's a mean mom--
she makes us boycats work, but not xing. acourse, there's not
much work fur hissy, unemployed princesses these days.

peeyes: startin' today mom's goin' to arizona fur a week to visit our gramma bean while she hafs some sergery, so we will prolly be pretty quiet for that time an' whatefur time afterwards that it takes mom to get her hed unscrambled from travelin'. if you kin point some purrs 'n' purrrayers toward gramma in tucson, we would all preshiate it a very big lot!! th' actual procedure will be on wednesday. mom'll let us know how it goes, an' we'll pass the word.