06 January 2007

the LAST of the secret paw pictures

do please scroll down--there are several posts about our paw loot! it's taken mom a l-o-n-g while to get herself together and get it ready to post.
now you know why some of the videos that follow are smeary!! thanks, nitro.
as far as mom remembers, this was nelson's secret paw. he wasn't feeling furry perky that day, so he deputized ed & nitro to do the honors. they did, and with a right good will!
ed discovers the luxury of soft catnip puffs!

mom din't feel furry good the day edmund's paw got opened and couldn't remember where the camera was, so we're sorry there's no pictures or video of those festivities. but we sure had a good time wif all the mousies and catnip and treats!!

xingxing's secret paw

here xing investigates her pressies from her secret paw, luna. then she gets distracted by a squirrel she sees through the bedroom window. (well, wouldn't you?)

and here are all the goodies by themselves (mostly, with a couple cameo appearances by xing herself). efurrything from a home made fluffy ball to boughten toys to yummy treats & food (even for the beans) and a package of dried fishes!! that's why mom let xing explore her paw goodies by herself--the boys were sniffing around the envelope like circling wolfers, hoping for some of whatever smelled so enticing. yes, xing shared later at supper--and they ALL fell on those fishes like wolfers! yum!! YAY, LUNA!! thanks again!

secret paw joys, part 2!!

nitro whips up on the fev-ver wand he got in his secret paw box from yuki. when mom & dad got tired of holding it for him, he proudly dragged it all ofurr the house! and then the next day, the fev-ver thingy wasn't on it anymore. the jingle bell still is, so we hadda snap on the tinsel thingy to the string, and now he's playin' wif that. we dunno what happened to the fevvers. he worked 'em over really hard and they were showin' their age (1 day!) when last sighted. we din't find any crunched remains, so we don't think cocoa ate it; maybe he hid it for later, or hockeyed it under the frijamerator!

secret paw joys, part 1!

nitro hears the delivery truck pull into the driveway!

ahhhhh! riches beyond measure!

enjoying the first taste of fev-vers!

well-loved fev-vers!

ed's favorite part of nitro's s.p.--he's a glue & tape sniffer! (is yer mom missin' some tape, yuki?)

what a beautiful package xing got from luna--decorated front and back with sparkly stickers!!

an' miss luna was so kind as to include some nougat candy (yum!), and a pretty fan for meower mom--it has a map of the part of spain where luna lives! mom has it displayed in her studio between castanets from puerto rico and cuba.

we doesn't have a fireplace, but we gots a mantle! you may see your card there, but if not, there were lots of ofurr cards on our bookshelves!

02 January 2007

two-fer tummy tuesday! (late edition)

nelson and ed sleep off their new year's celebration!

it's mom's fault this is late: she helped us prepare this post last night, but forgot to post it this morning!!

31 December 2006

happy new year!

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Our Wish for You in 2007

May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline, and may laughter live on your lips! May your clothes smell of success like perfume, may happiness caress your face, and may your tears be those of joy. May the problems you had last year forget your home address! In simple words:

May 2007 be the best year of your life!!!