12 September 2014

workin' hard on furrrriday

Sometimes, sleepin' is uphill work!

10 September 2014

xing lu -- how i spends my summer vacation

... an' mosta my days inna year! you must wunder what i do in my suite since i don't keep company wif any of those boycats. am i lonesome? no, not at all.  My Mama makes sure i haf lotsa toys to keep me busy, an' i haf two big windows to watch the whole neighborhood an' alla the two-leggers, four-leggers, an' winged peoples from. i can lay inna sunshine in my Princess Throne or a little farther back inna shade onna puffy-fluffy quilt that sits in My Mama's blue recliner chair (acause i lets her come inta this room when she needs to keep her head from asplodin' when My Daddy is watchin' yet anofur WWII program). an' if i needs a nap, i haff all of the above places plus three comfy kitty beds--i likes the one inna closet best when there's thunder boomers, acause it's quieter an' i can't see the flashies. an' it's close to my potty box if i gets the urge!

an' then! an' THEN! 

My Mama comes to visit wif me efurry day! i sits on her lap an' she pets me an' tells me how beauyful i am an' combs my soft furs an' she de-dingleberries me (i can't HELP it i haf so much beautyful soft furs on my cute little hiney) an' sometimes when i lets her, she clips my dainty little clawrs. then we watches fishey mooveys or birdy mooveys or she looks at bookface or bloggies an' tells me what's goin' on inna werld so's i can improve my mind an' not be "just a pretty face". 

an' when she sez that it's time fur her to leaf, i chirp a little song to her an' jump down offa her lap an' lead the way to the cabinet where my treatsies are. then i chirps the second verse of the song an' stare meaninfully at the door. she opens it an' gets the crinkly little bag an' gifs me five yummy crunchies! no more, no less. 

an' once a week, onna day befur the noisy rug-sucker comes to visit, she gifs me a BIGGGGG sprinkle of what the boycats calls "kitty krak" an' i gets all drooly an' dreamy an' goes away in my head to a pretty place fur a while. it's pretty much fun--i could almost wish that the rug-sucker came more offen!

so i has a fine life here inna chez pierce. you maybe don't hear much frum me, but i'm happy. in fact, if you DO hear from me, it's prolly acause one of the boycats has hissed me off. but i'm here an' doin' fine an' thinkin' of you. i hopes you is thinkin' of me!!

09 September 2014

08 September 2014

window whiffin' is GREAT!

now, if mommer would just grow some catnips unner the window ... y'hear me, mommer?

Yeah, i hear ya. Do you promise not to claw through the screen to get at it? Do ya, huh?

 (deafening silence ... )