30 January 2009

oh-so-freaky friday . . .

we presents for your delectation:


okay, it's a little out of date, but we've had other things to do . . . . besides, some of us weren't even borned yet when this church was organized! (ummmm, make that none of us were even borned yet, an' mom neglected to tell us about it. she has been remiss in our religious education; the never-cleaned litter-box awaits her. oh, wait; that's already at our house.)

please note: the meowers are not responsible for the tenets expressed in the text quoted. although some of them seem downright logical . . .

29 January 2009

you see what i hafta put up with?

cocoa's a pretty nice woofie mosta the time, but gosh! sometimes she gets carried away; i think she thinks her squirrel toy and i are related
--an' my tail's not fluffy at all!!