23 May 2008



22 May 2008


ed's on Mom's List--an' we don't mean the chrissmus card list!last night, he was sleepin' on mom's left arm an' rolled ofur into a more comfy position. a paw hit the picture box controller, which fell onto the table with a clatter. he panicked at the noise, an' launched hisself into space off mom's tum. we bet he's not sittin' on mom tonight! (she stalked off to get the purr-ox-eyed, mutterin' somethin' about ed goin' to see somebody called "basement cat" . . .)

19 May 2008

busy, busy, busy mancat

here's our ed, giving a whole new meaning to "hunt and peck" typing! he's gotta get wif it, ofurwise we won't be postin' at all--mom's gonna haf less time than efurr to help us visit an' blog this week.

some portant beans are comin' soon to spect her day hunting place an' efurrybean hasta spit an' polish an' file an' make typing papers all pretty (like she does) , so the portant beans will keep on buying their puters from them. she says it's a cue-sea spection, but we don't haf any idea what billiards an' the ocean hafta do wif puters.

we watches billiards onna living room picture box, an' we would like to go see them for real--those little balls just scoot around SO fast an' would be SUCH fun to chase an' play wif! the ocean? ptooey; it's wet an' we don't want nunna that!