02 October 2012

artsy fartsy tuesday

mommer gotted a new version of her photo softwear, The Gimp, an' she just hadda try it out on us. i mean, it din't hurt or ennyfing, but it made her make up some new werds fur the bad werd list until she figgered out how to take away most of the colors, bit by bit, but not take away OUR colors! she suspects there's a much easier way to do it with the new improved version, but she hasn't discovered it yet. there'll be MORE new werds when she finds it! ;-)

01 October 2012

we let mommer post today ...

(... acause it imbarassed ed;-)
ed! jeez! put your head down while you're sleeping, yeah? you're giving me a stiff neck just looking at you.
(he sits beside me while i'm at the computer, and he just sleeps "at" me!)