21 November 2014

furriday folly

daddy's gonna be peevish. he likes cashews bestest of all nuts. acept "redskin" peanuts (there's just no accountin' fur taste. feh! alla them li'l skins sticks to our tongues!). ennyway, mommer finks this musta been a cooperative effort between us an' the dbd, but we're not tellin'. catsmas is comin', an' we gotta keep up appearances!!

20 November 2014


stealthy cat is watching you. 


19 November 2014

winter is come

that was then;

this is now:

we hadded our furst snows!
it wuzzen't much, but enuf to make the birdies come out!

18 November 2014


mommer an' dad wented to the shoppin' place an' gotted us a new bed!!

they carefully considered the bestest place fur it, 

an' putted it so's we kin bask inna warms from the sparkly thing!!

even the dbd has tried it on fur size an' found it just purrfect!

17 November 2014

missin' him.

mommer din't feel like makin' ed's picshur until last night. so here it is.
she will werk onna bloggie header anofur time.

we is missin' our snugglemate.