26 May 2007

edmund's acatemy award prize!!

oh, yeah, an' . . .

nitro has been 'nounced officially cured! he chased xingxing unmercifully this morning, ate his an' part of ed's food, and is his normal, snoopy self!!!!

our sincere an' loving thanks to efurry one of you who purred, purrrayed, wished, hoped, sent healing light, pawsitive thoughts, and love to him. we 'members once again that when it's furry important, our fambly is out there an' ready to help.

purrs and nosekisses to each and efurry fuzzy & bean!!!!

(an' special thanks to the folks at p&pb an' li'l kc at the catblogosphere, who got the word out!)


IT'S A TOE! errrrr, TIE!!! (mom has not had enough coffee yet . . .)

that dopey site meter is incredibly hard to figger out, so her head sploded, an' after we picked up all the pieces an' put them back in place, she said something like, "blinkety-blankety-so-an-so-dad-gummed-confounded-cotton-pickin-pickle-
packin-pea-picken-chikken-pluckin-pot-lickin-gosh-dang" (but don't quote us) an' decided that all the 10,999s an' the 11,000 gets the same prize. she hasn't told us yet what it is, so:
  1. samantha, tigger, & mom
  2. yuki & kimiko
  3. grr, the lovely miss midnight & cocoa
  4. the feline sextet
HURRY UP an' send us yer snail mail addies through our profile, an' we can ALL find out!



ok, mom's workin' wif our site meter folks to see if it's possible to identify the 11,000th visitor . . . stay tuned!

25 May 2007


don't forget, if you're the 'lebbentyhundredth visitor, we gots a prize for you!!!!! so leave a comment if it sez 11,000 on your visit!!

a little more better . . .

ed sez: when mom came home at lunch to see nitro, he got up onna kitchen table to see what she was eatin' (pizza wif italian sausage - yum! - an' double pineapple - feh!), an' instead of stickin' his face right in it, he waited until she gave him some. he ate a little of the crust and a little of the cheese, but din't want the sausage (i took care of that for him;-). so if he's beggin' an' eatin' a little bean food, it's anofurr good sign. please keep your paws crossed an' your purr-motors runnin', so "it" doesn't come back again!

an' here's the fev-ver update:looka those tassels--they've turned into fevvers! an' it seems to be gettin' a little crowded in there!

on the mend?

we sure hope so. nitro isn't quite as hot as he was last night (but we're not stickin' nuthin' where the sun don't shine to be sure!), an' he ate somewhat this morning, so keep those purrs an' purrrayers comin! if he gets back to where he's chasin' xingxing, we'll know he's better . . .

thanks, efurry bean and furry, for your loving wishes, positive energy, and purrrayers--they're working!!! it means a great deal that we can depend on you for these blessings! meows and kitty hugs to you all!

24 May 2007

nitro's sick

nitro's sick, an' we don't know why!!! sometime between this morning when dad & mom left for day-hunting an' this evening when they came home, he sprouted a 104.6 temp and lost his appetite. the beans loaded him up in the ptu right away and wagged him off to see dr. flathers, who looked him ofurr carefully. the helper lady did the unmentionably rude thing under his tail, an' that's how they knew how hot he was--but mom & dad could feel it radiating off him even wifout touching him!! so he has a scripshun for clavamox, an' we will see how he acts in the mornin'. when they came home, he headed right for the bean's bedroom, so they let him in there to get some peace an' quiet. if the pill begins to work on him, maybe he'll come out by bedtime an' have some water & food. that's what scares mom & dad the most - that he din't come out when the food jug rattled. he's usually ready to help pry the lid off!

please direct some purrrs and purrrayers his direction? he's such a sturdy little guy that nobody can imagine him sick, an' we know he wonders what's goin' on! thank you, furriends.

thrilling thursday

ed sez: please also read our nouncement in the post below this one--we are celebrities!

efurr think about the days of olde when knights were bolde? rescuing ladies fair in peril? or do ya need something to help you to take on that pesky woofie down the street? or scare the tar outta yer siblings? come wif me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, an' read on . . .

mr. jeff deboer, a multi-media artist from calgary, canada, has made marvelous maille for the most unlikely of warriors--kitties! we has chosen these beautyful suits for ourselves (please click to biggify), should the need efurr present itself. (i, of course, am just ecstatic. finally i will have the attire befitting my station as a "sir"!)
nels chooses:
i choose:
nitro chooses:
once known as Master Sir Aethelhere the Unsteady KSCA, OL, Kingdom of An Tir, in the Society for Creative Anachronism (for which our mom has a great love an' affinity), mr. deboer realized at an early age that many things could be made from metal, an' he went on to study blacksmithing, jewelry making, and many such things.

sadly, Sir Aethelhere went to glory in the Holy Land some years ago, but fortunately, mr. deboer remains with us here in the present to astonish and delight us. to see more, click here.

the spirit of chivalry lives on!

23 May 2007

we is efurr-so-proud to announce that . . .

we are featured on miss mimi pencil skirt's blogspot as peace bloggers of the day (23 may 2007)!! it is wonderful honor, an' we thanks her furry much. miss mimi is the founder of the "dona nobis pacem" peace globe movement, an' we are in awe of her deep commitment to peace. she also writes several bloggies, so be sure to look around on her site!! she's funny an' deep an' loving, which makes her an honorary kitty because those are the qualities in us that beans adore!

there are lots of ofurr kitties who blog for peace--scroll down on the left side of miss mimi's page an' you will see their names roll by. if you new-to-the-blogosphere kitties want to display your own peace globe, just email her at www.mimiwrites.com an' she will send you the code. then create your globe (or pay a bean with snuggles to do it for you) an' email it back to her. she will put it in the gallery!

please don't forget to display your peace globes on 6 june 2007 (the blogblast for peace). we may be kitties, but we have portant things to say--so let's let the ofurr bloggers know we're NOT just pretty faces!

we interrupt this "watch this space"

wif growing fevver machines! looky--their eyes is open!!
an' biggify to see how their tassels has grown!!(an' yes, keep watching today . . .)

wonderous wednesday

this is a present for all our bean furriends, since kitties prolly won't pay that much attention to it--whaddawe know from stars, after all? but it made mom's eyes leak in a happy way when we showed it to her, an' we hopes you likes it too. mom sez you hasta look wif your heart as well as your eyes, an' then you will be ofurrwhelmed when you realize that all of us are part of something marvelous.

(an' keep watching this space later . . .)

22 May 2007


we will haf a nouncement an' a "wonderous wednesday" post for beans, too.

tweety tuesday!

LOOKY! we's got three fevver machines growin' on dad's ladder on our carport!!! an' they got FURS onna tops of their heads! we thought only kitties an' woofies had furs! you can biggify the picture, an' see where wing fevvers are startin' to grow --they looks like li'l tassles.
mom sez they're "robyns". izzis what "mom robyn"
at hot(m)bc looked like when she was little?

20 May 2007

an open letter to WAG HOTEL:

it has come to our attention that you have two feline guests named maobert & skeezix nichols. we are sorta worried, 'cause your website has so many woofies featured. maybe you should make some kitty-friendly promos, so other kitties wouldn't worry if they hafta go there. in fact, you could do worse than enlist mao an' skeezy as spokes-cats for your hotel--they are both furry good subjects for the camera, have lotsa 'sperience posing, an' in fact have their own line of greeting cards ("cats in hats").

it looks like you have a furry nice place there, an' we hope you will take excellent care of them, 'cause they mean LOTS to furry many kitties all ofurr the world. if they give us a good report about your hotel, we will tell all our furriends. if they don't, well . . . unhappy kitties have been known to poop on bed pillows.

sincerely yours,

nelson john lapurr
edmund percival hillary
nitro s pierce
xing lu pierce

once again, we got no t-shirt!

we are gonna hafta tell mom she can't go out wif her friend miss ginger no more. they are not a good influence on each other as far as kitties go.

yesterday they went to tour a new winery called OOVVDA, which is kinda like "uffda"; if you're a norskie, you know what that means. for you non-norskies, that's an all-purpose word that means anything from "oh, nuts! i forgot to buy sugar" to "jeez, that piano was heavier than i thought" to "WOW! what a mess we're in now" an' efurrything in between. anyway, the oovvda people grow their own fruit an' make wine from it, an' she an' miss ginger tasted eight flavors. an' mom bought a bottle, an' they drank the whole thing. an' once again, nobean brought us nuffin, no wine lickin's (they left the empty bottle there) nor even leftofurrs from dinner later!*mom thinking:* hmmmmm. i'da swore there was something in this glass just a minute ago . . .these nice ladybeans are called "bella musica" an' they played kelltick music an' even some opera tunes while people sat around an' tried wines an' enjoyed the beautiful blue sky an' cool air. it was kinda windy, though, an' the poor ladybeans had a hard time keepin' the music papers they was readin' from flyin' away! miss ginger is a flickr person, an' that means she documents darn near efurrything wif her camera. so here's one of her pictures documenting mom documenting the people playing pretty music on the harp an' flute.
once mom gets a little tiddly, she needs food, so they went downtown to nonna's italian restaurant. an' also once mom gets a little tiddly, she gets a little silly. here she is, concentrating on trying to fasten her mouthwiper to her harness so it won't slide off her lap unner the table. we think she shoulda tied it to the chair so SHE wouldn't slide unner the table herself!mom had rosemary chicken and grilled gnocchi (which she said din't look like any gnocchi she'd efurr seen before, but it tasted just fine), andmiss ginger had spanakopita with couscous salad, which was also just fine! they are both furry thankful that there are some authentic ethnic places to eat. when mom and dad came here almost 30 years ago, there weren't any!an' while they ate, a nice bean played some lovely mellow music on a guitar. they had a Good Day. but we still din't get nuffin!!! gram told us she useta carry a little plastic bag in her purse so she could bring home little tasty things to their woofie, little bit. how come mom can't do that? or miss ginger for that matter--she's got four fine kitties of her own who would love some fancy yummy foods. what's up wif these beans???? an' since dad and boy and leslie his girlfriend went fishing this afternoon, we din't even get fed our OWN food until after mom got home at 7:15. for two whole hours, we almost wasted away!! how would she have felt if she came home to find our thin little bodies sprawled vainly in front of our empty bowls, huh? think about it, mom!!!