14 May 2010

we's gonna camp out!!

we gots new campin' tents frum miss ginger!! we's gonna haf a sleepofur when mom & dad go campin' on memorial day!! teleport ofur, an' we'll haf the cubes an' the tunnel set up, too. an' you sissies who don't wanna camp wif us tough guys can visit xingxing; she'll haf a tea party all set up fur you.

ed fits in 'em, but he hasta kinda slide in slow an' creep out careful, or the thing gets caught on his booty an' follows him - much to his consternation! *giggle*

13 May 2010

howefurr . . .

after ed got through appreciating the box, nitro & iggy got to cussin' an' discussin' who got the next crack at it. see who won:

an' here's the outcome:

the nipsticks? well, they ain't so shiny new any more--but still much appreciated. mom hadda chase these all down from three different rooms so she could document the degree of attention they've had!! so far, the dbd has not eaten any of them.

12 May 2010

fun times!

ed thought furry highly of the bockus that mom's hansel-auction thingy came in. it smells enchantingly of kc, missy blue eyes, an' mama ml, as well as of primo nipsticks, which kc & her mama thoughtfully tucked inside as presents fur us! fank you so much!!!

below is a moovey of ed, appreciating the nipsticks, too!

10 May 2010

Our cousin Roxy

roxy, naomi's kitteh, originally uploaded by olrebbie.

she lifs wif our mom's niece, naomi, in beautyful scottsdale, airyzona an' she is a pistol! after cousin naomi moved into her house, she kept thinking it was haunted becuz lights would be on in rooms where she had turned them off, and off in rooms where she had left them on. even inna middle of the night she'd wake up an' lights were on. finally, roxy jumped up an' whapped a light switch right in front of her, an' then she unnerstood--she wasn't cuckoo or haunted, just the companion of a furry clever kitteh!

simon meezer

simon meezer, originally uploaded by olrebbie.

he is our cousin, too, Roxy's big brofur.

manbean likes kitteh!!!

this german weatherman is a NICE man!!