26 January 2011

raspberry xing

My Mama is furry clefur wif a puter program called "the gimp". she used it to make this beautyful portrait of me, an' i am furry happy!!

25 January 2011


in this chillin' video, you can see how the vishus deers haf hypnotic powers ofur their human slaves! this one forces the human to invite him inside and feed him treets. you can see how close those vishus spikes are to the human's chest, an' he doesn't efen flinch! an' horror of horrors--lookit the human's left hand: the vishus deer has been sampling him already, in case he can't catch any tender, yung joosy cats an' hasta eat HIM. we bets he duz it bit by bit, so as to make him last as long as possible--if he eated him all at once, hoo would feed him treets???