28 February 2008


IMPORTANT NOTE: in view of the current contretemps between zoey an’ maggy an’ the zoolatry beans (an’ the many ofur indignities an’ cruelties that has been visited upon us kitties in the past), we finks there should be a KITTY BILL OF RIGHTS or a KITTY CATSTITUTION to spell this out once an’ fur all. if you sends us your suggestions, we will moosh them into one document an’ publish them. deadline is wednesday, 5 march, an’ we will try to haf them publishable on feline friday of that week if our secretary doesn’t get ofurwhelmed an’ require sedation. if you does send somefing in, you agrees that we has the right to edit it for clarity an’ brevity. c’mon, gals ‘n’ guys–we are NOT second-class citizens–we are FIRST CLASS CATIZENS!!!

Nelson John LaPurr
Sir Edmund Percival Hillary
Nitro S Pierce
Xing-Lu (XingXing) Pierce

27 February 2008

long-term purrs an' purrrayers please?

mom doesn't like to bofur us kitties wif scary stuff, but she finally told us that our bean auntie, ethel (who is certainly a cat lover), has a bad thing called inflammatory breast cancer. we don't think auntie would mind our quoting her last email to the extended fambly, 'cause she knows the power of purrs an' purrrayers an' will be glad of ours. we would like to ask all you kitties an' your beans to p & p 'cause her newest round of testing has showed that "it" is gainin' on her a little. here's her last statement in that email:

"Even though the aggressiveness of IBC can be frightening at times (six years next month I went to Pastor Brown to plan for my funeral as the Dr led me to believe I wasn't long for this world), I am not discouraged. Your prayers to our Heavenly Father on my behalf are deeply appreciated and your love and support keep me going! "

so it's pretty obvious to us kitties that we need to add our purrs, an' keep her in this world a little longer. we is pretty peevish that mom din't get us started on this sooner--we coulda maybe had her WELL already!! will you help?