26 February 2010

mom tells us a story.

earlier this week, we visited the lovely miss attie cattie at her blog, an' were impressed by her ability to use the bean litter box!! it made mom remember a story that she then told us:

once upon a time, long, long ago, in a galax . . . oh, wait. that's a different story. here's the real one: many years ago, our aunt spot tried to learn that skill--mom got her a clear plastic insert that fit under the toilet seat. the idea was that the beans would put some litters on it to convince her it was a potty box, an' she would balance onna seat an' do her business ofur it.

well, they were furry excited acause onna first day, dad found a poopie innit. this went on fur several days, but they couldn't catch her at it (she was a shy, well-bred ladycat, too). after about a week, mom finally got a peep through the hinge edge of the door--an' there was spotty, standin' carefully ON the plastic liner, doin' her business. she only weighed six pounds an' that wasn't enuf to make the liner collapse.

mom was disappointed, but thought, "well, she knows what she's supposed to do now, so we can probably take the liner out. when she notices that the liner is gone, she'll have to stand on the seat."

oh, dear. wrong. so totally wrong. wet cat. peevish cat. captured at arms-length cat. sudsy cat. still MORE peevish (bordering on completely hissed off) cat. scratched-up mom. sulking cat. apologies. cold shoulders. pee on chair. cursing. etc. etc. etc.

no further attempts at this type of training. efur. we are furry glad.

25 February 2010

igmu speaks . . .

ummmm . . . i . . . what . . . sleep . . . rotten . . . head . . . need . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . uggggggggg . . . leave . . . *thunk*

pleese think of iggy today!

it's time fur his hoo-hah-ectomy, an' he was not furry happy this mornin' when mom bundled him into the PTU wifout his breffus. i hates t'tell him, but things ain't gonna get no better today! mom will update us as the day goes on. we'll be purrin' fur him, li'l monster-child that he is, an' we hopes you will, too.

24 February 2010

23 February 2010

uhhhhh, nitro?

yer halo's slippin'!! musta been you what busted that glass
on mom's curio cabinet . . .

22 February 2010


well, that is what My Mama wants to know, an' it's for sure it's not ME! this happened last night when i was safe asleep in my cozy bed in my very own suite.

this cabinet is in a little corner of our living room, where the dbd can't fit. so guess who that leaves? of course; those rotten boycats, my brofurs. i heard 'em riotin' an' fussin' all last night. My Mama is not furry upset, though, acause now it makes a matching pair wif the ofur one just like it onna ofur side of the noisy picture box. the dbd broke the same glass outta that one wif her Lead Pipe Tail of Deth.

iggy has been just cuckoo lately, an' i thinks it's acause My Mama an' Daddy has been talkin' about a trip to the vettie fur him. somethin' about his hoo-hahs. he's actin' like the end of the world is comin'. fooey; i've been to the vettie an' came home fine, although they were mean to me an' i had a monsterus headache fur a whole day afters. he's a cowardy-custard.

oh, an' My Mama sez i can brag a little: i was sittin' on her lap this mornin' an' My Daddy brought out the rug sucker monster to clean up alla the busted glass. as soon as he got out to the livin' room, before he even made it start hollerin', alla the boycats ran outta the room. i stayed on My Mama's lap the whole time, even when he pushed the sucker unner our chair! My Mama said i am the bravest cat inna house! not the bravest xing-cat, or the bravest girlcat, but the bravest CAT. HAH! take that, you brofurs.