12 July 2007

fev-ver friday

lookit the li'l fev-ver who was peepin' an' chirpin' outside our back door!! he was hollerin' for his mama to come feed him, an' she was alla way ofurr here inna yard!he din't act like he wanted to play wif us, although we 'vited him through the window wif great big smiles, so he flew up onna shed roof, an' mama joined him there.

edmund's meme

skeezix tagged me for a meme! i'm SO proud!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
i wasn't here yet.

What were you doing a year ago?

What are your five favorite snacks?
temptations, fishie flakes, cream, real live dead shrimp, and ice cream

Five songs you know all the words to:
i'm not furry musical. all i can 'member is "i'm a little peecat" that mom sang to each of us when we was little:
i'm a little peecat, short and stout.
my tail is my handle, my mouf is my spout.
when i get a hairball
then look out--
i'll hack an' cough an' urk it out!

Five things you would do if you had a million dollars:
make homes for alla homeless kitties an ofur critters
make free critter hospitals for all critters
take miss midnight on a world tour
buy a nip ranch
buy anofurr nip ranch

Five bad habits:
poopin' outside the box
hauntin' xing while she's eatin'
hauntin' nels while he's eatin'
gettin' cranky while i do nip
puttin' the bitey on mom's chin when she's not expectin' it

Five likes:
miss midnight
warm laundry
doin' nip
nappin' on mom's frontal appendages
whippin' up on nitro

Five things i'll nefur wear again:
efurrything but my own lovely fluffy furrs

Five favorite toys:
the nip bananna
pink fev-ver boa
mom's hairs
anyfing that crinkle-crackles

I tag:
oh, gosh, i dunno who's already been tagged! ok, i tags:
  1. miss midnight, my sweet kittygirl
  2. finnie, of the carolina cats
  3. toby, if he'll come outta retirement
  4. flynn, of eric 'n' flynn
  5. miss patches, of the big piney woods cats

11 July 2007

widebodied wednesday

sir edmund the extremely floofy, and an innocent bystander, nels. nels looks quite large next to edmund due to the foreshortened view of ol' swagbelly. trust me, there's no comparison--nels weighs 9.8 lbs, ed comes in at 23! >;-) nitro)

10 July 2007

tummy tuesday - getzger

this is miss ginger's "watch cat", getzger. he is a blue abbysinian kitty, an' he keeps himself busy alla time. he is just flat nosey an' into efurrything. he patrols the house constantly, just like skeezy, 'cause he's their safety officer. it just drives his mama nutz, but they are safe from intrusions of all kinds, except for the ones getzger causes! ;-)

09 July 2007

mancat monday

we told nitro he was gonna take center stage on mancat monday, but DIN'T tell him we were gonna post the candid of him slickerin' himself up for the photo shoot. WOW! is he M-A-D!!! *giggle* xing & ed *smirk*

Mancat Monday!!

well, heck! we had a fine post lined up, and DPB saved the picture to the same server that the vanished picture of mom's nose-holes is on. so you can't see THIS one, either. so we started to make a whole new post, an' DPB won't let us upload anyfing. we are peevish. we'll try later.

08 July 2007

xingxing wears a wig!

in answer to the challenge of anastasia (of the cat realm), here is our dingy sisfur, xingy, in anastasia's pink wig. styled most becomingly, we think, even if she IS our sisfur.

sleepy sunday

edmund--dreaming of his beloved, miss midnight! *sweet dreams, ed!*

(mumbling in sleep): oh, they are, they are! ;-) purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . .