26 July 2013

holy bast! we founded miles (an' angel sanjee) on our front porch! the lady inna bloo shorts jus' dumped them there when mommer was at the work, an' when she came home, she wented in the EAST door of the porch an' din't see the box. later, daddy camed home (for mommer to take him to the doctor for a *gasp* shot in his hip), an' when they wented out the SOUTH door of the porch, they was talkin' an' din't notis it. but when they comed home, we guesses miles had rolled the box in fronta the inside door, so they founded him--an' mommer gotted busy right away:
(an' her speshul ingredient is a dustin' of 'nip ofur the french toast, so miles an' angel sanjee had gobs an' gobs of it, an' then we all rolled innit an' took a nap.) 

we is haffin' a fine bisit, an' he's not in enny hurry to go home. we is so acited to haf them here! mommer an' daddy are fine wif dat as long as nobuddy gets feisty!