12 August 2011

i'm WATCHING you!

this feller is the store kitty where mommer buys us treats. don't he haff a splendid commander kitty tower?  there prolly ain't many shoplifters around there. he kin keep a wevver eye out even while playin' the cello!

11 August 2011

yipes! stripes?

no, i am not growin' skunk stripes. me an' nitro was jostlin' fur the haf-n-haf this mornin' (ed don't get outta bed that early enny more, so we kin haff some if he ain't around), an' i got the werst of it. i didn't want nitro to get it, so i took a lessin frum the dbd an' shook myself all ofur. mommer liked that--she sed, "oh, thank you!" real loud.

09 August 2011

temptin' tuesday

mommer took this pickchure just befur i put my airplane ears on an' started to lash my tail. i dunno WHY i hafta whip up on my sisfur. i just does. the very fact that she breathes the same air i does is a temptashun to do it. 

peeyes: after the airplane ears, mommer putted the book ofur my face so's i couldn't see xingie ennymore. she is a major (maybe general, even) spoilsport.

08 August 2011

world cat day

we are furry proud to take part in WCD!! we are, after all, part of the reason fur it;-) (mommer wishes she had been more onna ball an' done an akshul post, but it was too darn hot this weekend to even think about it, she sez. dunno why; there weren't any more than the usual three to four cats roostin' on her. even when she fled to the kitchen table, at least two of us follered an' draped ourselfs ofur her arms while she read;-)

an' best of all, it's our daddy's purrrthday--happy purrrrthday, you ol' cat lover, you!