21 August 2012

whatta ladycat!

we remembers missus peach wif love an' admiration. she invited efurryone to her beautyful cottage an' did her best to sivilise us wild ozark kitties but nefur lifted her voice or made us feel like we was rusticated beyond redemption. we learnt the value of bein' perlite an' liftin' our pinkietoes when we drank her catmint tea. we learnt not to riot an' break china, an' she reminded us to ascuse ourselfs when we burped. she was a ladycat's ladycat, an' we are efur-so-glad that we knew her. she was a blessin' on all of us inna CB, an' we misses her. ::snif::

20 August 2012

what's up at chez pierce ...

fanks to the meezers fur takin' us along onna great chick-hen caper! we enjoyed terroriz .... er, playin' wif alla the chick-hens wif efurryone who came along!

mommer's mostly ofur her sicky thing (sinus infection), but it's tooken 3 weeks--an' she's still deef inner left ear an' can't hear good outta the ofur one. she's goin' to the ear doc this afternoon, an' we hopes that somethin' can be done about this. she's outright CRANKY from not bein' able to hear us tearin' up the hou ... uh, hear anything (although she sez going to walmart yestiddy in almost complete silence was BLISS;-).

maybe she'll get uncranky an' help us start postin' again. we've seen pictures she's got saved up to post fur us, but she just can't get wif it. maybe the doc will giff her a shot inna butt that will get her goin' again! maybe we'll put the bitey onner if none of the above happen!!