12 September 2007


arrrrrrrrrr! all ye swabs an' swabbettes--be warrrrrrrned! wednesday next, th' 19th o'septemberrrrr, be "talk like a pirate day!" fer the hoomin beans.

sez i: by gum, we kitties should haf our OWN celebration!

i does therefore declarrrrre next wednesday ter be "MEOW LIKE A PIRATE" day.
  • post yer pictures in yer pirate costumes (photoshopped or real) on yer bloggies!
  • meow yer bloggifyin' that day in pirate meows!! here be a translator to help ye brush up on yer lingo.
  • be postin' interestin' information 'bout deeds piratical, real or not-so!
  • go here er here er here an' be dubbed wif yer pirate name! ye'll feel yer feral genes astirrrrrrin'!
  • put together a temptation-raidin' parrrrrty, an' don't fergit to have a lookout, lest ye be caught an' keelhauled!! an' remember, ye've a right to parrrrrlay if yer caught--an' don't let yer ma say that only works if she's a pirate!!! show her yer hooks an' tell her ye ain't no sea-lawyer!
  • show us yer booty!! (from the raid, ye swab!)
  • we 'spects to see ye an' yer bloggies ship-shape an' bristol fashion on the 19th, so look to sharpenin' yer weapons an' plannin' yer brave deeds! there's tuna-juice aplenty fer them what sails wif me that day!

cap'n nelson the cranky