06 October 2008

hell has frozen ofur!!

the earth beneath chez pierce is frozen alla way down to the core of the earth an' efurrywhere inbetween. xingxing an' edmund has occupied the same chair, all by themselfs, for at least 20 minutes yesterday. mom & dad was at the wallyworld place an' i was inna litterbox room, so i nefur seed who got into the chair furst. can't imagine who it was, or why the seccond one wanted to lay there, too. usually they just cross glances an' someone gets growled inta next week. who efurr was furst was just stubborn enuff to not gif up the chair, an' whoefur was second was just stubborn enuff not to get run off, i guess. what's next? polar bears on tropical islands?? ::cue scary music::