17 October 2014

hi, efurrycat! it's me, xing lu. i get to post again acause My Mama hafs a little computer she can hold on toppa her lap here in our room, so i don't hafta go out amongs the stinky boycats to post!!

so anyways, here i am, sitting in our sparkle zone! My Mama makes things of clear sparkly little pieces of glass an' hangs 'em in our window, so when the sun shines, it makes not only warms but sparklies!

i luffs it! it is almos like disco dancin', which i saw onna talky box once. very, very beautyful, an' fit fur a princesscat! the sparklies, i mean. not so much the dancin'. THAT seems furry undignified.

My Mama finely got the moovey she made of the zone putted in my post, but she needed to say a lotta words that princesscats can't repeat to get it done.

enjoy your day, efurrycat!! i'm going to nap today in my nice sunspot that tags along wif the sparkle zone. i hopes you haf a restful weekend!!

16 October 2014

absolutely THRILLED Thursday!!

we are so acited!!! mommer is dressin' up the porch pets for halloween this year, NOT US!!!

right, mommer?


RIGHT, MOMMER???????????

(hollow, spooky laughter in the background ...)

13 October 2014

mancat monday

mancat monday--it was a cold an' stormy day ...