13 November 2014

lef'ovurs again!

mommer gived us her plate after she ate some pecan coffee cake, an' while it WAS tecknickally lef'over crumbs, it was de-double-lishus--acause she had spreaded some BUTTER onnit befur she nuked it inna nuking machine!! we akshully wore somma the paper offa the plate wif our raspy li'l tongues, which you kin hear furry clearly. we are proud of our cleanin' up skills. an' no, dbd, there ain't none left fur YOU! ('lessin you wanna lick kittyspit;-)


(don't feel too bad for her: mommer slipped her some cake befur we even got the plate!)

12 November 2014

you ARE gonna share that ...

aren't you, mommer?

the power of my basilisk stare compels you!!

11 November 2014

woe! Woe!! WOE!!!

we is so furry sad to say that our big brofur, Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, aka Cap'n Meow Fang, Sir Edmund the Rotund, The Edmeister, and Ed-Quit-Eating-That-Plastic, has made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. he has been greeted there by Powder, his cousin, and a host of cats-(and dogs)-who-have-gone-before. he wented to sleep last night, an' then he jus' woke up at the Bridge, so he din't hafta werk furry hard, which is good, acause he din't like to do that. we knows he will be happy to play an' sleep all day in a body which don't haf a drafty, bald butt. we will miss him in cuddle piles.

we is furry thankful!!

we is thankful fur all our fambly members who haf served inna US military, an' fur alla the 
folks efurrywhere who haf kept us FREE!

allus amember to

10 November 2014

monday morning

while we waits to hear frum the vettie about our Ed, we checks our emails:

iggy: hey, dammitjim--why's the 'puter makin' that bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb sound up there?

dj:  dunno--nitro? you haf a clue?

nitro:  i'm on it. i'll look back here ...

mommer:  no, i think dammit's the one who's "on it" ...