12 September 2008

while mom an' dad are in chicago . . .

arrrrrrrrrr! all ye swabs an' swabbettes--be warrrrrrrned! th' 19th o' septemberrrrr be "talk like a pirate day!" fer the hoomin beans.

sez i: last year, we kitties had our OWN celebration, an' 'twere a fine one, by davy jones's belt buckle!! this year, we aims to spread the news that kitties is a force t'be reckoned wif. the beans here has asked t'be put on notice o' doin's piratical, an' we thinks t'oblige them. if yer willin', be tellin' me this week or the next, an' i'll see that the word is given.

THEREFORE: i herewif declarrrrre furriday the 19th o' septemberrrr t'be th' second annual "MEOW LIKE A PIRATE" day. since it be a furriday, perchance the festivities may carry ofurr into the weekend. what say ye?
  • post yer pictures in yer pirate costumes (photoshopped or real) on yer bloggies!
  • meow yer bloggifyin' that day in pirate meows!! here be a translator to help ye brush up on yer lingo, an' there be linkies to other informative-like sites.
  • on the day ye sails wif us, be postin' interestin' information 'bout yer deeds piratical, real or not-so!
  • go here er here er here an' be dubbed wif yer pirate name! ye'll feel yer feral genes astirrrrrrin'!
  • put together a temptation-raidin' parrrrrty, an' don't fergit to have a lookout, lest ye be caught an' marooned!!
  • remember, ye've a right to parrrrrlay if yer caught--an' don't let yer mum say that only works if she's a pirate!!! show her yer hooks an' tell her ye ain't no scurvy sea-lawyer!
  • show us yer booty!! (from the raid, ye swab!)
  • we 'spects to see ye an' yer bloggies ship-shape an' bristol fashion on the 19th, so look to sharpenin' yer weapons an' plannin' yer brave deeds! there's tuna-juice aplenty fer them what sails wif me that day--no namby-pamby niptinis--plain, honest tuna juice, i sez. if i sees ary a cat drinkin' an umberella drink, i'll send 'im to davy jones!!

cap'n nelson the cranky

11 September 2008

sad, sad day

wif heavy hearts, we nounces that our bean auntie Gladys (granma's sister, an' mom's auntie), passed away yesterday (tuesday). please purr an' purrray specially for her three daughters, pam, colleen, an' marla, an' of course her whole extended fambly. mom an' dad got to see her inna hospital the day before they left chicago last week, so they give thanks to g*d they had that time wif her. mom an' dad will be driving to chicago for the funeral (prolly this weekend), so please spare a purr or two for them, too. thanks you, furriends.

your furriends, the meowers