12 February 2010

Made it, Ma! Top of the world! (Yeah, I noticed. You got there up over my head, remember?
And I know you're scopin' out the dish of ravioli on my lap.

11 February 2010

did you hear that?

we all know that kitties sees an' hears stuff that beans don't. like us--sometimes we kin see the cats-who-came before acause they had so much fun in our house that they likes to visit from the bridge to see what's goin' on or make sure efurrythin's ship-shape. we even plays THoE wif 'em.
an' sometimes we kin see the beans that used to be (even miss debbie next door has done that while cat-sittin' us).

but xing is makin' mom wig out--she's watchin' solid walls. an' pictures. an' the woodstove. an' the ceiling. you know, places where a bean or a kitty would nefur be. it's like she's waitin' fur something else to pop out, an' mom's worriet what it might be! xing's not tellin', an' akshully, we're not sure she knows either. she's a such big feather-brain an' more'n a little spacey, so it wouldn't surprise us to find out she's hearing paint talk to her!

09 February 2010

bloggin' is hard work!!

nitro takes over dictation duties while iggy "takes 10".
or plots his next raid on mom's breakfast.
or maybe both.
nitro: ok, mom, read that back to me from the top, wouldja?
mom: "it was a dark and stormy night . . ."
nitro: hey! i din't say that!!
mom: why not?
nitro: because it isn't night, an' it's not stormy.
mom: yeah, that's right -- you'd be under the recliner if it were stormy.
nitro: hey! i has sensitive ears!!! no fair makin' fun!!
mom: my ears are sensitive, too, but you assault them starting at 4:30 every morning.
nitro: what?? i'm not saltin' anything. i'm singin'! that's my best breakfast invitation!
mom: oh, forget it . . . i only have just so much time to help you boys blog before i go day hunting, and you've pretty much fiddled it all away this morning, blathering on about stuff that's totally off topic. ::leaves::
nitro: well, rats.
iggy: where? where? you know where izzit a rat? ::scampers::
nitro: wait for me!!!! ::papers scatter::

08 February 2010

the sky is falling!

the sky is fallin', we tells ya!!! fat ed crawled up on mom's lap an' collapsed onto xing's backside an' she nefur even bothered to look up to see who or what was there. so ed just napped away for about half an hour, an' right after this photo, so did mom. she din't sleep easy, though; she kept haffin' dreams about nuclear war erupting on her lap.

you kin see that ed's de-fluffifying his hinderquarters. he's been at it fur some time, but we dunno why; mom's started giffen him some stinky goodness along wif his crunchies, an' a little goopy stuff called linatone to help make coats shiny an' thick. we'll see.