17 October 2012

how we spent our weekend, part dyoo

sunday mornin', the beans let us sleep late while they just layed around an' drank coffees. they finely got wif it an' dressed an' took us to a resterunt. onna way, along one of the highways, we saw these big concrete tubes that daddy sed they stores grain in, an' if you biggify the pickshure, you'll see there is a big banner hangin' on most of 'em. it's a public art project done this year, an' the yellow one was done by a 12-year-old boy inna public school! 

the resterunt is called "the bohemian cafe". cuzzin amanda was there, too (just barely visible onna left), an' her sweetie, brendan was sittin' wif ed.

we meeted auntie joy's son, our bean-cuzzin cullum, his wife elise, an' their two youngins, ivy an' kayden. the pickshur wif cullum innit din't come out good, so mommer swiped this'n from a facebook page: 

we wented there acause mommer grew up eatin' this food, an' daddy growed to like it, too, when he married mommer. there is NO place to get it in springfield, you gotta go to chicago or omaha to get it, so this was kinda a "hafta" meal. he allus hafs rost pork an' the same kinda dumplins as showed on this plate. they are made frum breads. the foods inna picksure is whut mommer allus hafs: svickova (SVEET-ch-ko-va), which is picked beefs an' a creamy gravy. they bofe like sweet an' sour cabbage wif it. they rilly hoovered it in, an' we hadda fight 'em fur the plate-lickins!

after alla the plates was licked clean, cullum an' his fambly hadda go get girl scout stuff fur ivy, so they went to the store where joe liffs (our army furriend that we met yesterday), while the rest of us went to a place that kaden called "the scary store". you kin see why! there is terrorfyin' stuff hangin' frum the roof efurrywhere there for beans to buy for meyowloween. costumes, treats, tricks, masks, decorations of efurrykind, efurrywhere inna store. we was scairt an' stayed in our carrybag the whole time fur fear someone would fink we was decorations an' carry us away!!

after that, efurryone was just burpin' an' yawnin' so much that we all wented back to auntie joy's an' layed around some more, sometimes wif eyes open, sometimes wif eyes closed. we watched mooveys like "the avengers" an' "iron man 2", an' noshed a little (but not much, since efurryone was so full frum lunch), so it was pretty much like a reg'lar sunday. when we was good an' tired, we toddled off to bed.

then at o-dark-thirty a.m inna mornin' on monday, we were rudely ripped frum the arms of our ol' buddy, morpheus, an' hustled out to the freezin-cold car for the borin' six hour trip home. fank bast there isn't much we can do to help drive the car, so we just nap-piled all the way home an' got there just in time fur a relaxin' pre-supper snooze. we liked our trip an' wanna go somewheres again, but not fur a while!!! we dunno HOW skeezy does it!

16 October 2012

how we spent our weekend, part the first:

this is our auntie joy--she liffs in newbrasska. she is the reason we is a fambly--she innerduced our mommer an' dad long, long years ago in omaha!! we luffs her! she looks a little different frum the usual "cupid", but her magic werked just as good as the li'l nekkid kid with the bow-n-arrow, acause they's married more'n 35 years now;-) thank you, auntie!

the furst place we bisited in newbrasska was a wally-world, where mommer got tickled by how many meyowlloween decorations there were! she sez springfield wal-marts haf a possitif dearth of them.

the next morning, we wented wif mommer, daddy, auntie joy, an' her dotter (our bean cuzzin) amanda to a store that sells all sortsa army gear. we made furriends wif a guy named joe, an' he showed us his "war face".
afters, we went shoppin' fur catsmas ormanents atta place called "tannenbaum". we found several nice, tinkley things that will make furry satisfyin' crashes ... er, look real pretty onna tree. (mom notes:  that's IF i get up the nerve to set one up this year, with these hooligans we are currently using for cats!)

the peoples were furry nice, an' didn't mind us bein' inna store at all. even MORE long years ago (befur she met daddy), mommer useta werk inna store next door to "tannenbaum", makin' sammiches an' scoopin' ice creams. a lady named miss lucille owned bofe stores, but she haf gone ofur the rainbow bridge now, an' these new beans haf made the store into a year-round hollyday wunderland!

after we left the catsmas shop, we had a delicious meal at don & millie's resterunt, where mommer an' auntie joy sez the onion rings an' burgers is buzzackly the same as useta be at "king's food host", so if ennybuddy remembers king's, this is where to go to get some yummy foods.

inna afternoon, we wented to anofur shop fulla pretty, sparkly fings, an' iggy made hisself right at home in one section of "next millennium", right by a statcher of a rilly, rilly princessy black kitteh. mommer sez she's the goddess bast. we fink iggy looks pretty noble hisself, but ... a god named "iggy"???? not so much. 

we finely got to go home an' nap before bedtime. while this shuttlin' around inna car was all kindsa funs, we are still awful sleep-deprived. so we will continue wif our adventure tomorrow!

15 October 2012

we's tired!

we are just beat; mommer an' dad took (flat) us to bisit our auntie joy an' cousin amanda in newbrasska ofur the weekend, an' we been drug efurrywhere an' showed off to efurryone. we will post some pitchers when we get rested up; we missed about a jillion naps!!