01 December 2008

retro-vision: sunday on monday

our first snows pattered down today, but they weren't doin' a furry good job of stickin' to stuff. however, it was grey an' gloomy, an' just right for multiple naps in the warmth of the woodstove. fur once, mom got to take a picture of dad an' his nap buddies (although mom sez she'll take all three meowers ofur one cocoa anyday). an' good thing, too; acause she got all three of us after she got the roast beast stew cookin' an' she came in to watch the talky-box.

we all needed extra sleep acause mom an' dad moved alla our comfy chairs outta the warm room an' into ofur rooms yesterday, an' then some guy brought a giant two-headed rug sucker to our house an' rug-sucked for what woulda been squillions of naps, except nocat could sleep on accounta the noise. when he was done an' alla the comfy chairs was back where they belonged, efurrywhere smelled funny an' not furry much like xena or nels (or any of us, for that matter) anymore. the new smell isn't bad, it just ain't familyer. we can take care of THAT! ;-)